Well, hello there.

Goodbye boring, run-of-the-mill, non-matching, ugly AF wire, generic hangers. Sick of hanging our fashion investments on non-worthy hangers, we decided to give our clothes the support they deserve and designed our own, fashion-focused range. And with a personality to match. Sexy, Cool, Sassy and Classy, 'af' (because we love a little attitude too). 

Our hangers are premium velvet (your straps won't slip off!), have a belt or scarf bar and are finished off with the best quality metal hardware. We searched high and low for the best manufacturers and are sure you'll be as happy as us with them!

Choose your style from the collections below.

*Things You Should Know About Ordering*

We are now taking PRE-ORDERS only. Expected shipping 40 days. To say thank you to our launch supporters (that's you if you get in on the pre sale), we are giving you 10% off any orders over $79 (that's two sets). Please enter 'LAUNCH TRIBE' at the checkout.

For all orders on a single set, SHIPPING IS FREE 

Each style comes in sets of 20 (we recommend buying at least 20 per closet door. e.g. if you have double doors, then order 2 sets = 40 hangers).


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UPDATE: We are selling out of our 'Cool AF' (black on black) range. At the moment we are talking to our manufacturers about increasing our order, but in the meantime, we suggest you get your butt into gear and get your order in ASAP.

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